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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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at 40 miles an hour. the system i'm tracking is moving through the area. what we're seeing is a kig santa gap. the gap between storms will be helpful as we go through the next 24 hours. it will give us a chance to dry out as the next significant weather system is offshore. next one looks to be stronger than the last one. it shows no rain right now. when we come back tomorrow night at 10:00, showing rain in the north bay. i have the specifics, latest commuter model timing of the next strong storm. i'll see you in a few minutes. a section of the great highway has to be shut down because of flooding in san francisco. new at 6:00, ktvu david stevenson is live in the city, in the trouble spots where the workers are keeping a close eye on tonight. david? >> that's right. the sandbags are the city's front lines against flooding, es specially in the neighborhood that was hit hard earlier this year. >> under gray skies and falling
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rain, san francisco's department of public works this morning rushed to release sandbags to residents. the city stockpile several hundred bags for distribution. >> given out approximately 200 sandbags so far. clearing catch basins and the areas flowing leaves. we've had a couple of minor incidents with trees coming down. >> the skies cleared by midday leaving behind flooding that prompted the park service to close the highway. this man's car died moments after he drove through the intersection. >> i went through the puddle and, a car just stalled. i guess the water just went into the hood. >> fear of flooding is strongest in the city's mission district. heavy rain in april flooded an apartment building including a restaurant. >> the water wants to pool
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here. this used to be a lagoon. when we have that coupled with high tides the rain has nowhere to go. >> whether school workers is tying to secure the site. it took two days of phone calls. >> sandbags could be picked up in the agencies' operation yard. proof of residency is required an there's a limit of ten bags per household. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> storm reeked havoc on travelers. ktvu's mike mibach where air traffic controllers are trying to clear out flight delays. >> even though it's still raining, it could be in for a late night. sfo says a grand delay will be in effect until midnight.
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that basically means, flights getting into san francisco, from other airports across the nation, has to stay on the ground, until those on the tower say it's time to go. >> bags in hand, passengers in sfo are greeted by a big board, blanketed in cancellations and delays. >> we thought it was 12:30. said it was pushed back to 2:00. >> and on time, not on time, back and for the it went. at least 90 flights coming from san francisco have been cancelled. dozens of others are on ground delay. >> it's designed to reduce the amount of circling overhead. it's designed to reduce the possibility of flights having to divert to another airport. >> planes getting out, they were stacked and ready to go. once airborne, it was fueled by gusty winds. >> and it has not been a good
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ride over romeo 464. >> airport says as the next storm starts to roll in the coming days, it will adapt but more cancellations and delays will happen. >> will evaluate based on the conditions much one of the things we'll be watching, where the system coming from? if it's coming from the southeast, will see then continuation of the revised runway. >> and not just tomorrow, friday, saturday and sunday. make sure to check the airline to make sure the flights are on time before you leave the door. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. at the height of the rain, rose two feet to more than three feet. that's ten foot below flood stage. many business owners grabbed sandbags in case, after the devastating new year's eve flood. the marine county dieses strict launched -- district launch add
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ten-year plan to prevent future disasters. with up to a foot of rain, the series of storms is good for bay area reservoirs. john sasaki on where things stand there right now. >> we're in san anselmo which is part of the marine water district, and we're near phoenix lake, one of seven reservoirs in the disstrick. today we stopped by the lake which was peaceful. and even after today's downpour, the reservoir was at 100% in capacity. and in fact, the district's latest numbers, shows phoenix and nearby lake are totally full. overall, the reservoirs are 70% capacity, which is 10% points above the average this time of year. setting the region's water supply well for the future. >> rain that's coming down, the
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reservoirs. we can increase, 5-10%. >> just in the weekend. >> just in the weekend. >> officials add even the weekend's heavy rains should cause no problems or flooding for this water system. live in san anselmo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us on ktvu and mobile ktvu. get forecasts anytime. just click on the storm watch tab. developing news out of oakland, police are looking for five people who led them on a car chase. the driver crashed in the intersection of macarthur and park. police say at 4:00 in the afternoon, officers tried to stop a black van seen in the video from news chopper 2 because occupants are gang members. after the crash, everyone inside the van ran away. gilroy police are looking for a gunman would opened fire in a home with eight people inside. it happened early this morning
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on glen view drive in west 10th street. the gunman fired in an unoccupied car. then at the house after midnight. almost hitting two children asleep in their bed. >> it was really close to their bed. like the bed was a little bit higher, i think it would hit, if it was a little higher. >> police say this was gang- related. it was a drive-by shooting. the residents say no one in the home has gang ties. the teenager suspected of a violent crime spree made his. and tell us the unusual circumstance to show the 15- year-old in court. robert? >> reporter: the teenager remains in custody. earlier at the courthouse, he was told he will face charges as an adult. that creates some unusual situations for the prosecution
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and defense. looking very young for someone facing serious allegations, a handcuffed 15- year-old adoneis maldrow made his first court appearances this afternoon. he faced numerous charges, including murder and attempted murder. and check out with police and took place november 16th. san jose was arrested at the time and arraigned much and they had been on the run before captured and conquered friday night. >> he's charged with the commission of a murder. >> and some legal analyst, the defense will separate the adut and juvenile. >> the d.a. will look at this as who did what? the defense, why did this happen? what influence did the adult have on him?
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>> police say he was definitely a willing participant. >> didn't get to the strategies and attorneys and more culpable. and ducking down in his car, he had two individuals trying to kill him. >> and both are held without bail. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a new york city nanny pleaded not guilty in the fate of stabbings of two children in her care. they entered the plea while still in the hospital. police say she stabbed herself after killing 6-year-old latchia and 2-year-old leo crim last month. the crim family lived in san francisco before moving to manhattan. the children's father was previously an executive in yahoo! at sunnyvale. ceshed parents -- concerned parents are meeting. last month a convicted child
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molester was able to work in a child's festival. the parish priest resigned an the catholic bishop apologized for the incident. meanwhile, who used to police officer at the parish is facing new allegations of abuse. >> the san jose, claims he was abused by father for years starting when he was 10-year- old. it is the second lawsuit, involving fleckinger. a federal judge sentenced former campaign treasurer in -- for eight years. and kennedy pleaded dpilty from male in march. they say she used the money to
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pay her mortgage the and personal expenses. >> it was the deep violation of the trust of her clients, profound impact. there were over 77 victims part of the restitution order. >> dirky was ordered to pay more than 10 million in restitution. but politicians and political groups that had accounts plundered by dirky are not likely to get back much money. however a civil action has freed up 2.5 million from. the city of oakley has begun fund-raising for a planned veterans memorial. this is the drawing of the pro poted memorial. and by a personal memorial brick for $125. donors who give $3,000, could honor a loved one we perch. >> right now tracking a bigger stronger storm all the way.
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>> who will be here and who will be hit the hardest in seven minutes. fear in the. bay area commute. here what the plap
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. prosecutors cleared three santa clara sheriff's deputies in the fatal shooting of a gunman. 49-year-old sharif, shot nine co-workers in the october of last year. three of the victims died. autopsy showed almond, eight times and fatal shot to his head. >> smash and grab robbers cleared a los gatos jewelry store in 15 minutes.
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and a customer and her newborn baby were inside the fine jewelers along with the owner as two armed mass men smashed cases with a sledgehammer. >> it was very scary. he he was waving the gun all over, pointing at us and making us lay down. >> investigators say the case is similar to other recent robbers around the bay area, including this one in san pablo. happened in vallejo, neighbors are on edge following two more suspicious fires much ken prit muchette, talked with investigators who are working to figure out if arsonists is on the loose. vallejo police is investigating not two. it appears it set outside the business. it burned in the wall in the business. there was a call for another fire. while the damage may look light, mostly to the facade of
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the mortgage business on alabama and broadway, the simple fact it was set, concerns neighbors. >> worried to death. he owns the automotive shop. he thinks a transit is to blame. >> sleeping where the fire started. >> vallejo police don't have a suspect. this is hardly the only fire. overnight, just a few blocks away from the business fire, there's this. the recommend nants of the chair -- remnants of the chair. it may not seem significant. the chair was next to the building, appears to have apartment buildings next door. it houses a union hall. that puts the two fires overnight in close proximity to four other fires in the past few weeks that burned two homes and two businesses. >> fire department was in the back alley. they were still dousting the back wall.
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>> randy musaki lives behind the alley fire. he didn't know about the stripping of suspicious -- string of suspicious fires in the neighborhood. >> disconcerting people going around doing the fires. >> reporter: so far no one has been hurt. vallejo police say they are aggressively investigating the case. they say they need the public. ktvu channel 2 news. high school students' article about a weekend house fire led to the criticism with the araga fire district. students say it took firefighters 20 minutes to respond to a fire in her neighbor's home sunday morning. this is a photo that the student took as the fire burned. now that the fire chief has released dispatch logs and audio, saying it took crews only. the cause is still under investigation. the six west coast senators
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want the justice department to investigate the role of oil refineries. the gas prices surged in may and october. analysts plame -- dianne feinstein and -- there was evidence that the refineries were shut down at the time. they say it could create a gasoline shortage. >> it's becoming the east bay's first wall lart center. the -- without looking at en vipirmental issues. the move reverses an earlier decision, the city required environmental coverage in the past and couldn't change the interpretation of its laws. we're seeing showers lingering in the east bay. and here's how it looks. as it comes a little closer, you will see the peek.
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you could see the radars working. we have four working in the northern part of the state. as it rolls in here late thursday into friday. i said it in the earlier broadcast. and we can take a ton of raib in the area -- ton of rain in the area. this place is made to drain off a lot of water. we will get a lot of water. what you need to get the drain off, you need the breaks. we have a nice break heading our way for the next 24 hours or so. here the next system as -- it will get in here late thursday and into friday. it will linger tomorrow night late. showers all day friday. it looks pretty wet. here's a next day. twice as long as we saw rain. sunday morning, it looks like a
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good deal, too. i think we will get some breaks in here. that's crucial into had. >> friday and sunny, we'll see some irving small stream, dp in effect. tomorrow night, north of santa rosa. it starts to creep in, it's raining. what's going on in sap jose in oakland, just. >> tomorrow night, at knit. >> it really is starting to migraine. it's right over the ten interest. >> wouldn't be sis priced. probably see a wind advisory at this point. mork commute, dicey on thursday. >> again, looking for the
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breaks. would be nice to get a break on friday. you get the picture much got a break. friday morning, thursday night, your next big event. the five-day forecast. this place is made to get rain. >> power break, power break. >> things to come. thank you, bill. coming up in bay area news at 7:00, more storm watch coverage including the hectic pace for utility crews. >> transformers are line upped. how pg&e is already preparing. the leading role played by missing round of americans. join us at 7:00 on ktvu 36. sports director, calling coppernikkei game plap
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german politicians condemn google for the proposed copyright law. the bill will require search engines to pay for copyrighted content such as newspaper articles.
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google launched a campaign, asking german users to sign an on-line petition. it's worth $14 million. california lottery officials, nguyen bought the ticket in south park victoria drive. nguyen says she's not sure what she'll do with the money, helping her family and donating to the temple is on her list. >> jim harbaugh made it official. if i was alex smith, i would be ticked. >> we know who the 49er starting quarterback. it's not going to be allen smith. collin kapernick is the guy. it could turn out to be a week to week situation. as coach harbaugh refuse toss say, alex smith has been demoted. as for smith and kapernick's
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relationship, everything is cool. he's helped me a lot. helped me a lot going through the play book. how we are going to redifferent things. >> he's been a great help much we're trying o get to the end zone. he's trying to make plays. the guys, he's showing he could be the starter in the league. i can't say too much about it man. all i'm doing is mage wide receiver, trying to make plays with the guy. >> coach crabtree, the official ballot for the hall of fame for major league baseball is out. three first timers is on the list, roger clemons, sammy sosa and barry bonds. no matter what you think about him, this guy is a hall-of- famer. of course, he's been closely related to the steroid scandal. prior to that, a hall of fame career. most speculation, he won't be voted into the hall of fame.
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the balloting will be announced january 9th. those are the first timers right there. because of the relationship with -- we'll say chemicals, they won't be going to the hall of fame next summer at cooperstown. you could say i'm biased. i think barry bonds is a, a hall-of-famer no matter what. >> we'll see, january 9th. >> programming night, ktvu will air the pac-10 championship between stanford and ucla live with the winner going to the rose bowl. game coverage at 4:30. right after the game, will give you ktvu's point after. >> tracking the timing of the next storm. taking aim of the bay area and the impact the rain is having in our reservoirs. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2.
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